2IPE0: Software/Web Engineering Projects - Autumn 2016

Project information
September 5, 2016 10:45-12:30 (3/4) MF11 Kick-off
September 19     URD deadline (accepted by customer)
Week 39/40     Individual talks between team members and supervisor
October 3 10:45-11:30 (3) FLX 1.10 Intermediate presentation.
First peer evaluation ready.
Week 43/44     Individual talks between team members and supervisor
November 4     Poster ready (deliver file for printing)
November 11 15:00 AUD 11 Final presentation, poster.
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November 11     Project deadline (hand in).
Second peer evaluation ready.

Portfolio (professional skills) information
September 26, 24:00   Deadline: Portfolio assignment: CV
October 4 MF 5.202 Pitch for recruiters panel
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October 12, 24:00   Deadline: Portfolio assignment: reflection on pitch
November 2, 24:00   Deadline: Portfolio assignment: A4 popular
November 9, 24:00   Deadline: 2nd version A4 popular,
complete set of portfolio assignments
November 11 MF 5.150 Individual meeting with study counsellor
regarding professional skills
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Example Documents

Extra information for the documentation Planning poker cards Poster template Assessment documents Literature