AEN 2016:
The 1st International Workshop on Analytics on Evolving Networks
The Hague (Netherlands), 29 August 2016




The 1st International Workshop on Analytics on Evolving Networks will take place in Den Hague, the Netherlands on August 29th, 2016. It is organized in conjunction with the 22nd European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI 2016).

Analytics over massive networks is pervasive across science and engineering, e.g., social networks, communication networks, biological networks, knowledge graphs, and so forth. Very often these networks are dynamic, evolving over time as connections are made and broken and as nodes appear and disappear. While a deep foundation has been developed in the past two decades on analytics on real-world complex networks, relatively little progress has been made on scalable analytics as these networks evolve. There is a growing community of researchers, dispersed across Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Management, Complex Systems, and other research disciplines which are turning their attention to the many open challenges in the context of evolving networks.

The objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers from different disciplines in this emerging area, providing a forum for discussion of recent advances in analytics on evolving networks, and to offer an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to identify and discuss recent advances and new promising research directions.


Besides regular sessions consisting of presentations of selected peer-reviewed papers, the programme will feature an invited talk, a poster session around/during the lunch break, and a panel discussion in the closing session. We will lead an open discussion, in a workshop spirit, aimed to foresee the future of Evolving Network Analytics research and to identify immediate opportunities for collaboration.


AEN 2016 is the 1st workshop focusing on evolving networks. Recently two Shonan seminars took place, Analytics on Complex Networks: Scalable Solutions for Empirical Questions and Dynamic Networks Visual Analytics. We intend that AEN 2016 will be in the same collaborative spirit as these seminars.


In this workshop, we aim to attract researchers with an interest in temporal dynamics in complex networks, diffusion processes like epidemics and evolving structural properties.
A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

  • Temporal and streaming networks
  • Statistical and structural properties and models of evolving networks
  • Sampling from evolving networks
  • Predictive modeling on evolving networks
  • Pattern mining, e.g., graph partitioning, community mining, and motif discovery
  • Maintaining time-evolving models
  • Anomaly detection, change detection
  • Visual analytics
  • Evaluation frameworks
  • Incorporating content and context in evolution analysis
  • (Re-)Construction of heterogeneous evolving networks
  • Applications, e.g., in social networks, Web, metabolic networks, biological networks, road networks, communication networks, co-authorship and collaboration networks, chemistry, brain networks, sensor networks


June 6, 2016 Submission due (for both full and short papers)
June 30, 2016 Notification of acceptance
July 31, 2016 Final papers due
August 29, 2016 Workshop day


Submissions are invited in several categories, including but not limited to:

  • Technical contributions,
  • Vision papers, emphasizing controversial and emerging topics, and
  • System demonstrations (e.g., software or benchmarks).
We impose no hard page length requirements. Submissions can be shorter papers (extended abstracts or short reports, for which the recommended length is two to four pages) or longer reports (recommeded length: six to eight pages). All papers should be prepared in PDF, using ACM SIG format.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee based on technical quality, relevance, originality, significance, and clarity. All papers should be submitted through the EasyChair Submission Site. During the submission process, please indicate the intended type of the manuscript to assist the program committee with their assessment (e.g., an extended abstract of a system demonstration; a report on work in progress; a vision paper).

All accepted workshop papers will be published in an informal proceedings (or Arxiv). Our intention is to organize a special issue on Evolving Networks Analytics (e.g., with ACM SIGKDD Explorations), which would feature reviews of the current state-of-the-art, position papers and regular contributions.


George Fletcher Eindhoven University of Technology
João GamaUniversity of Porto
Mykola PechenizkiyEindhoven University of Technology


Mehmet Aktas Yildiz Technical University
Dragan Bosnacki Eindhoven University of Technology
Arnaud Casteigts University of Bordeaux
James Cheng The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Juan Colonna Federal University of Amazonia
Mário Cordeiro LIAAD INESC Tec
Jean-Charles Delvenne Université catholique de Louvain
Hadi Fanaee University of Porto
Fabíola Fernandes Federal University of Uberlândia
Paola Flocchini University of Ottawa
Laetitia Gauvin ISI Foundation
Aristides Gionis Aalto University
Hang-Hyun Jo POSTECH
Karsten Klein Monash University
Andrew Lumsdaine Indiana University Bloomington
Juyong Park KAIST
Felipe Pinagé Federal University of Amazonia
Evaggelia Pitoura University of Ioannina
Marcos Quiles Federal University of Sao Paulo
Reihaneh Rabbany University of Alberta
Rita Ribeiro LIAAD INESC Tec
Eulanda Santos Federal University of Amazonas
Ambuj Singh University of California, Santa Barbara
Taro Takaguchi National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
Ana Lucia Varbanescu University of Amsterdam
Michel Westenberg Eindhoven University of Technology
Yuqing Wu Pomona College

For further questions, please contact the organizers at