29-30 October 2009, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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Industry Track

Recent advances in areas of knowledge discovery from databases (KDD) and data mining (DM), information retrieval (IR), machine learning (ML), user modeling (ML), multi-agent systems (MAS), adaptive systems (AS), recommender systems (RS) facilitate the development of effective solutions and innovative products. Intelligent systems are gaining more attention of many organizations and industries.

BNAIC'09 Industry Track aims at bringing research and industry people together. It will help industry, commercial and government organizations highlight successful AI-rich applications (presenting and discussing their systems, software, products, etc.) as well as to express their needs and interest in recent trends of AI-related areas. Furthermore, for industry people, the track offers an opportunity to learn about the science and technology of knowledge discovery, information retrieval, adaptive systems and general AI in a vendor-neutral, analyst-neutral setting. For academic researchers, the track provides an opportunity to learn more about the industry needs and business perspectives. Last but not least the track is aimed to facilitate the interaction between phd and master students and "local" industry. The participation of industry and enterprise partners is planned in different ways, including but not limited to a paper presentation, prototype demonstration or product exhibition. A discussion panel or a round-table discussion can be organized upon a mutual interest.

The Industry Track invites submissions reporting on research and development addressing practical issues encountered in developing AI rich systems, services and solutions. This includes both conceptual-theoretical and applied research on a variety of topics and issues, including (but not limited to) for example:

  • Emerging applications and technology
  • Deployed case studies
  • Comparative studies of AI (IR/DM/KDD/AS/MAS)-related technology
  • Scalable platforms, architectures and infrastructures for AI(IR/DM/KDD/AS/MAS)-rich applications
  • Utility considerations
  • Issues of (data) integrity and reliability
  • General issues in the research, development and/or deployment of successful applications

Similarly to the research track of BNAIC'09, the Industry Track invited A,B, and C submission categories. Type A submissions may include e.g. experience reports, case studies, innovative ideas, techniques, frameworks, architectures etc. These submissions must not exceed the 8-page limit. Type B submissions may includes only the compact summaries of already published elsewhere papers. These submissions must not exceed the 2-page limit. Type C submissions may include compact summary descriptions of products, systems, software, prototypes, demos, solutions and alike. These submissions also have the 2-page limit.

Regardless of the submission type please try to describe as clearly as possible and without using any heavy jargon the problem statements. Please notice that your message should be perceived by the prospective audience is not necessarily familiar with a particular application domain. Usually it is a good idea to include some domain background knowledge and other contextual information that assists the audience in understanding your contributions to the field or your request for such contributions. Please consider also discussing and justifying the generality of the problem. When academic researcher try to meet industry they try to "sell" their ideas. Similarly, the industry people interested to attract academic researcher should try to "sell" their problems. Similarly, if you present a result please consider discussing whether your achievement could benefit a larger audience.

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Information requests concerning the Industry Track can be sent to bnaic09@gmail.com with Industry Track in the subject line.

Last Update: June 11, 2009