29-30 October 2009, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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Thursday October 29th
 8:45 → 9:45 Registration
9:45  →  10:00 Opening (Blauwe zaal)
 Room A3Room A5Room A6
10:00  →  11:10 3P: MAL 3P: ABS 3P: AP1
11:10  →  11:25 Coffee break
11:25  →  13:00 4P: Games4P: Logics in AI4P: DM
13:00  → 14:30 Lunch (Senaatzaal) and Poster session I + demo session Voorhof
14:30  →  16:05 4P: IA14P: A&R4P: ML1
16:05  →  16:30 Coffee break
16:30  →  17:30 Keynote talk Burgard (Blauwe Zaal)
17:30  →  17:35 Announcement on location dinner (Blauwe Zaal)
18:30  →  ...     Conference Dinner

Friday October 30th
 9:00 →  10:00 Keynote talk Peter Flach (Blauwe Zaal)
 Room A3Room A5Room A6
10:00  →  10:45 2P: NLP2P: EC2P: ML2
10:45  →  11:05 Coffee break
11:05  →  12:40 4P: KRR4P: CSIndustry track
 → Peter van der Putten
 →  2P
12:40  →  14:10 Lunch (Senaatzaal) and Poster session II + demo (Voorhof) - 13h: BNVKI meeting (A5)
14:10  →  15:45 4P: IA24P: SW1P: Industry Track
 →  3P: AP2
15:45  →  16:00 Coffee break
16:00  →  16:30 Award Session (Blauwe Zaal)
16:30  →  ...      Reception

Research Track Sessions

Invited Talks

Chair: Karl Tuyls & Toon Calders (resp.)
Reliable Life-long Navigation for Mobile Robots
    Wolfram Burgard
Machine Learning: Unity in Diversity
    Peter Flach

(MAL) Multi-Agent Learning

Chair: Katja Verbeeck
Replicator Dynamics for Multi-agent Learning - An Orthogonal Approach
    Michael Kaisers
Learning what to observe in multi-agent systems
    Yann-Michaël De Hauwere, Peter Vrancx and Ann Nowé
Decentralized Learning in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Mihail Mihaylov, Karl Tuyls and Ann Nowé

(ABS) Agent-Based Simulation

Chair: Frances Brazier
Comparison of Agent-Based and Population-Based Simulations of Displacement of Crime
    Tibor Bosse, Charlotte Gerritsen, Mark Hoogendoorn, Syed Waqar Jaffry and Jan Treur
Using Agent-based Organisational Models for Crisis Management
    Thomas B. Quillinan, Frances Brazier, Huib Aldewereld, Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum, Loris Penserini and Niek Wijngaards
Modelling Social Learning of Adolescence-Limited Criminal Behaviour
    Tibor Bosse, Charlotte Gerritsen and Michel C.A. Klein

(AP1) Applications I

Chair: Peter Bosman
Eye Movements Disclose Decisions in Set
    Joost Broekens, Walter A. Kosters and Timo de Vries
Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization for Dynamic Hospital Resource Management
    Anke K. Hutzschenreuter, Peter A.N. Bosman and Han La Poutré
Stable Scheduling of Airport Ground Handling Services by Heterogeneous Agents
    Xiaoyu Mao, Nico Roos and Alfons Salden

(G) Games

Chair: Jos Uiterwijk
A step in the right direction: Botdetection in MMORPGs using movement analysis
    Marlieke van Kesteren, Jurriaan Langevoort and Franc Grootjen
Solving SameGame and its Chessboard Variant
    Frank W. Takes and Walter A. Kosters
Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Poker using Expected Reward Distributions
    Guy Van den Broeck, Kurt Driessens and Jan Ramon
Randomized Parallel Proof-Number Search
    Jahn-Takeshi Saito, Mark H.M. Winands and H. Jaap van den Herik

(L) Logics in AI

Chair: Koen Hindriks
Preferential model and argumentation semantics
    Nico Roos
Complete Extensions in Argumentation Coincide with Three-Valued Stable Models in Logic Programming
    Martin Caminada and Yining Wu
Service Specification and Matchmaking using Description Logic
    M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Rolf Hennicker, Martin Wirsing and Andreas Schroeder
Code Patterns for Agent-Oriented Programming
    Peter Novák and Wojciech Jamroga

(DM) Datamining

Chair: Hendrik Blockeel
Approximation Bound for K-Means clustering of Binary Data
    Nikolaj Tatti
Constraint Programming for Correlated Itemset Mining
    Tias Guns, Siegfried Nijssen and Luc De Raedt
A new constraint for mining sets in sequences
    Boris Cule, Bart Goethals and Céline Robardet
Descriptive Mining of Folk Music: A testcase
    Jonatan Taminau, Ruben Hillewaere, Stijn Meganck, Darrell Conklin, Ann Nowé and Bernard Manderick

(IA1) Intelligent Agents I

Chair: Gerhard Weiss
Nash Social Welfare in Multiagent Resource Allocation
    Sara Ramezani and Ulle Endriss
Computing the fault tolerance of multi-agent deployment
    Yingqian Zhang, Efrat Manisterski, Sarit Kraus, V.S. Subrahmanian and David Peleg
A Distributed Agent-based Approach to Stabilization of Global Resource Utilization
    Evangelos Pournaras, Martijn Warnier and Frances Brazier
Multi-player Multi-issue Negotiation with Complete Information
    Mengxiao Wu, Mathijs de Weerdt, Han La Poutre, Chetan Yadati, Yingqian Zhang and Cees Witteveen

(A&R) Applications and Robotics

Chair: Jaap van den Herik
A Personalized Tourist Trip Design Algorithm for mobile Tourist Guides
    Wouter Souffriau, Pieter Vansteenwegen, Joris Vertommen, Greet Vanden Berghe and Dirk Van Oudheusden
Intelligent Agent Modeling as Serious Game
    Rick D.W.F. van Krevelen
Humanoid Robots are Retrieving Emotion from Motion Analysis
    Tino Lourens and Emilia Barakova
Local sampling for indoor flight
    Guido C.H.E. de Croon, Christophe de Wagter, Bart Remes and Rick Ruijsink

(ML1) Machine Learning I

Chair: Walter Kosters
The Effect of Life Expectancy on Risk Aversion
    Vincent van der Goes and Aguston E. Eiben
Probabilistic Relational Modelling of Mammographic Images
    Nivea Ferreira and Peter J.F. Lucas
Improved mammographic CAD performance using multi-view information: A Bayesian network framework
    Marina Velikova, Maurice Samulski, Peter J.F. Lucas and Nico Karssemeijer
Multi-Task Preference Learning with Gaussian Processes
    Adriana Birlutiu, Perry Groot and Tom Heskes

(NLP) Natural Language Processing

Chair: Antal van den Bosch
Token merging in language model-based confusible disambiguation
    Herman Stehouwer and Menno van Zaanen
Predicting the Past: Memory Based Copyist and Author Discrimination in Medieval Epics
    Mike Kestemont and Karina Van Dalen-Oskam

(EC) Evolutionary Computation

Chair: Ida Sprinkhuizen
On Empirical Memory Design, Faster Selection of Bayesian Factorizations and Parameter-Free Gaussian EDAs
    Peter A.N. Bosman
Evolving and Transferring Probabilistic Policies for Relational Reinforcement Learning
    Martijn van Otterlo and Tim De Vuyst

(ML2) Machine Learning II

Chair: Peter Lucas
Using a satisfiability solver to identify deterministic finite state automata
    Marijn Heule and Sicco Verwer
Adaptive Concept Drift Detection
    Anton Dries and Ulrich Rückert

(KRR) Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Chair: Birna van Riemsdijk
Identifying disease-centric subdomains in very large medical ontologies, a case-study on breast-cancer concepts in SNOMED
    Krystyna Milian, Zharko Aleksovski, Richard Vdovjak, Frank van Harmelen and Annette ten Teije
Preferring maximum confirmation diagnoses
    Nico Roos
Ontology-based Business Activity Monitoring Agent
    Duco Ferro, Mark Hoogendoorn and Catholijn M. Jonker
Determining the Environment: A Modal Logic for Closed Interaction
    Jan Broersen, Rosja Mastop, John Jules Ch. Meyer and Paolo Turrini

(CS) Complex Systems

Chair: Martijn Schut
The Complex Dynamics of Sponsored Search Markets
    Valentin Robu, Han La Poutré and Sander Bohte
Behavioral differences and the evolution of cooperation in adaptive social networks
    Sven Van Segbroeck, Francisco C. Santos, Tom Lenaerts and Jorge M. Pacheco
Adaptive Learning in Evolving Task Allocation Networks
    Tomas Klos and Bart Nooteboom
The Windmill Method for Setting up Support for Resolving Sparse Incidents in Communication Networks
    Duco N. Ferro, Catholijn M. Jonker and Alfons H. Salden

Industry Track Session

Invited Talk

Chair: Mykola Pechenizkiy
AI in the Wild: Decisioning, Predictive Analytics and Simulation for Customer Experience Optimization
    Peter van der Putten

Regular Talks

A Modular Hybrid Recommender Engine
    Marco Tiemann, Steffen Pauws and Fabio Vignoli
Applying Bayesian Networks for Intelligent Adaptable Printing Systems
    Arjen Hommersom, Peter Lucas, René Waarsing and Pieter Koopman
Data mining for intelligence led policing
    Rob van der Veer

(IA2) Intelligent Agents II

Chair: Ann Nowé
Automated Visual Attention Manipulation (Extended Abstract)
    Tibor Bosse, Rianne van Lambalgen, Peter-Paul van Maanen and Jan Treur
Filtering Algorithm for Agent-Based Incident Communication Support in Mobile Human Surveillance
    Duco N. Ferro, and Catholijn M. Jonker
Coordination by design and price of autonomy
    Chetan Yadati, Adriaan ter Mors, Cees Witteveen and Yingqian Zhang
Approximating the Qualitative Vickrey Auction by a Negotiation Protocol
    Koen V. Hindriks, Dmytro Tykhonov and Mathijs de Weerdt

(SW) Semantic Web

Chair: Leon van der Torre
Reasoning with Spatial Plans on the Semantic Web
    Rinke Hoekstra, Radboud Winkels and Erik Hupkes
Using Semantic Distances for Reasoning with Inconsistent Ontologies
    Zhisheng Huang and Frank van Harmelen
Knowledge Engineering rediscovered: Towards Reasoning Patterns for the Semantic Web
    Frank van Harmelen, Annette ten Teije and Holger Wache
Genetic Algorithms for RDF Chain Query Optimization
    Alexander Hogenboom, Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar and Uzay Kaymak

(AP2) Applications II

Chair: Virginia Dignum
Multi-Agent Based Simulation for Boarding
    Jan Audenaert, Katja Verbeeck and Greet Vanden Berghe
Automatic Web Site Authoring with SiteGuide
    Viktor de Boer, Vera Hollink and Maarten van Someren
The Free Speech Engine: Conversational web service compatibility for free
    Ruud Stegers, Frank van Harmelen and Annette ten Teije


Poster Session I

Chair: Mykola Pechenizkiy
Meaningful Representations Prevent Catastrophic Interference
    Jordi Bieger, Ida Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper and Iris van Rooij
Checking Consistency in role oriented Dependence Networks
    Guido Boella, Valerio Genovese, Leon van der Torre and Serena Villata
Bayesian Networks: the Range of the Prior Convergence Error
    Janneke H. Bolt
White Manipulation in Judgment Aggregation
    Davide Grossi, Gabriella Pigozzi and Marija Slavkovik
Immobile Random Sensor Networks for Surveillance and Rescue
    Theo M. Hupkens, Raymundo R. Hordijk and Oscar J.G. Somsen
False information and the emergence of conflict
    Steven de Jong
Exploring Stable and Emergent Network Topologies
    Paul D. van Klaveren, Herman Monsuur, Rene H.P. Janssen, Martijn C. Schut and Aguston E. Eiben
Negotiation Protocols in Distributed Nurse Rostering
    Ruben Lagatie, Stefaan Haspeslagh and Patrick De Causmaecker
The application of complex systems concepts in a military context
    Anthonie van Lieburg, Nanne Le Grand and Martijn Schut
Optimized online learning for QoE prediction
    Vlado Menkovski, Adetola Oredope, Antonio Liotta and Antonio Cuadra Sánchez
Towards prediction of algorithm performance in real world optimisation problems
    Tommy Messelis, Stefaan Haspeslagh, Burak Bilgin, Patrick De Causmaecker and Greet Vanden Berghe
Using Intelligent Search Techniques to Play the Game Khet
    Pim J.A.M. Nijssen and Jos W.H.M. Uiterwijk
Visual Concept Detection using MOD Salient Points
    Ard Oerlemans, Erwin M. Bakker and Michael S. Lew
Matching and Maximizing? A neurally plausible model of stochastic reinforcement learning
    Jered Vroon, Iris van Rooij and Ida Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper
Combining Visual Exploration and Searching for Interactive Texture Retrieval
    Bart Thomee, Mark. J. Huiskes, Erwin Bakker and Michael S. Lew
An Agent Model of Temporal Dynamics in Relapse and Recurrence in Depression
    Azizi A. Aziz, Michel C.A Klein, and Jan Treur
Development of Virtual Agents with a Theory of Emotion Regulation
    Tibor Bosse and Frank P. J. de Lange
Discrimination Aware Classification
    Faisal Kamiran and Toon Calders

Poster Session II

An Agent Model for a Human's Functional State and Performance
    Tibor Bosse, Fiemke Both, Rianne M. van Lambalgen and Jan Treur
Truth, Lies and BS; distinguishing classes of dishonesty
    Martin Caminada
Reasoning About Multi-Attribute Preferences
    Koen V. Hindriks, Catholijn M. Jonker and Wietske Visser
The Influence of Culture on ABMP Negotiation Parameters
    Gert Jan Hofstede, Catholijn M. Jonker and Tim Verwaart
Incorporating BDI agents into human-agent decision making research
    Bart Kamphorst, Arlette van Wissen, Virginia Dignum
AH 12 Years Later: a Comprehensive Survey of Adaptive Hypermedia Methods and Techniques
    Evgeny Knutov, Paul De Bra and Mykola Pechenizkiy
Argumentation Mining: The Detection, Classification and Structuring of Arguments in Text
    Raquel Mochales Palau and Marie-Francine Moens
Towards nature-inspired communication in Peer-To-Peer networks
    Christophe Guéret
Social diversity favors the emergence of cooperative behavior
    Francisco C. Santos, Marta D. Santos, Sven Van Segbroeck and Jorge M. Pacheco
Dynamic Service Reconfiguration and Enactment Using an Open Matching Architecture
    Sander van Splunter, Frances Brazier, Julian Padget and Omer Rana
Quiescence Search for Stratego
    Maarten P.D. Schadd and Mark H.M. Winands
Opponent Modeling in Stratego
    Jan A. Stankiewicz and Maarten P.D. Schadd
Intelligent Assistants in Crisis Management: from PDA to TDA
    Jurriaan van Diggelen, Robbert-Jan Beun and Peter J. Werkhoven
Extracting the Main Content from HTML Documents
    Samuel Louvan
Prediction of Successful Participation in a Lifestyle Activity Program using Data Mining Techniques
    Marten Pijl, Joyca Lacroix, Steffen Pauws and Annelies Goris
In Search for Intelligence: Automatically Estimating the Implicitness of Police Officers' Observation Messages, an Ongoing Action Research
    Xandra van de Putte, Paul Oling and Jan-Kees Schakel
eHealth Personalization in the Next Generation RPM Systems
    Aleksandra Tesanovic, Goran Manev, Mykola Pechenizkiy and Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Context Aware Sales Prediction
    Indrė Žliobaitė, Jorn Bakker and Mykola Pechenizkiy


Developing Novel Extensions to Support Prototyping for Interactive Social Robots
    Martijn ten Bhömer, Christoph Bartneck, Jun Hu, Rene Ahn, Karl Tuyls, Frank Delbressine and Loe Feijs
Cobes: The clean, safe and hospitable metro
    Tom van Bergen, Maarten Brugmans, Bart Dohmen and Niels Molenaar
SmartGoals: a Hybrid Human-Agent Soccer Training System
    Mark de Graaf, Harm van Essen and Pepijn Rijnbout
Tourist Decision Support for Mobile Navigation Systems: a Demonstration
    Joris Maervoet, Wouter Souffriau, Pieter Vansteenwegen, Greet Vanden Berghe and Dirk Van Oudheusden
Finding malfunctions in HVAC installations
    Siem Opschoor
Simulating Knowledge and Dishonesty in a Client-Consultant Setting
    Eugen Staab and Martin Caminada
Multi-agent Train Driver Rescheduling: Simulating Environment Dynamics
    Erwin J.W. Abbink, Pieter-Jan Fioole, David Mobach, Leo Kroon, Eddy van der Heijden and Niek Wijngaards
Large Scale Text Mining with Highly Accurate Detection of Negatives
    Jakub Zavrel, Remko Bonnema, Martijn Spitters, Gert Meijerink and Gerard Mulder
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