2Z810: Information Systems for Building and Architecture

Lecturer: Prof. dr. Paul De Bra
assistants: dr. Lora Aroyo, dr. Natalia Sidorova

Important: This course is taught in Dutch / Dit college wordt in het Nederlands gegeven.

The course on "Information Systems for Building and Architecture" is for students in building and architecture, and taught in trimester B5-3.1.

The course material consists of parts of the following book:
A. Silberschatz, H.F. Korth, S. Sudarshan, "Database System Concepts" (Fourth Edition), McGraw-Hill, 1997.

The course covers chapters 1, 2, and parts of 4 and 5.
Viewgraphs are available:
chapter 1 (also with 6 viewgraphs on a page)
chapter 2 (also with 6 viewgraphs on a page)
chapter 4 (also with 6 viewgraphs on a page)
chapter 5 (also with 6 viewgraphs on a page)
Access database for the Banking Database
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General (almost always outdated) information about this course is available in owinfo.

Preliminary schedule:
lectures: 2 hours on monday, 5th and 6th hour, location AUD 10.
instructions: 2 hours on monday, 7th and 8th hour, location AUD 10.
Preliminary dates: 2/9, 9/9, 16/9, 23/9, 30/9, 14/10, 28/10, 4/11, 11/11.

Some Exercises and answers are available:

Note: the list below refers to files from last year. Updates may still become available later.

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