Gelfilter Dataset

Click here to download the Gelfilter dataset (zipped csv file).

This dataset is a run to failure library, of differential pressure time series for a gel filter in a chemical plant. In the original publication, we used the dataset to predict the Remaining Useful Life of the filter; domain knowledge from the plant operators dictates that the filter needs to be replaced when the differential pressure has increased to 2.4 bar, from its base level of 0.2 bar. You can read more about the background of the Gelfilter dataset in Section 4.1 of the original publication. Additional background information is provided in the readme document in the zip file.

Citation policy

The Gelfilter dataset is publicly available for research and benchmarking use, free of charge. When using this dataset, please cite the following paper: BibTeX code (plus several other formats) for citing this paper can be downloaded via this DBLP link.

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