Wouter Duivesteijn

Hi, I'm Wouter, and I'm incurably curious. I am an Assistant Professor in Data Mining at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. My research revolves around Exceptional Model Mining (EMM): a local pattern mining method where we seek subsets of the dataset that are interesting, which they are if they satisfy two conditions. On the one hand, they must be interpretable: we must be able to succinctly describe the definition of a subgroup, so that the knowledge that they represent becomes actionable. On the other hand, they must be exceptional: they must display some kind of behavior that sets them apart from the overall population. The scientific challenges revolve around how to efficiently search for subgroups, and how to express exceptional behavior such that the subgroups we find are meaningful.

CV (last updated: October 2, 2017)

Latest News: we are hiring!

We are hiring three PhD students on various Exceptional Model Mining projects. All three positions involve fundamental scientific research, and involves a specific project partner in industry, ensuring that your research will have direct impact in the real world. The successful candidates are expected to be willing to spend some of their time at the Dutch National Police, Philips Research, and Rabobank, correspondingly. To apply, and to see more information, have a look at the job advertisement.

We are also seeking postdoctoral researchers. Send me an email if you are interested in this position.

ECMLPKDD 2019 Proceedings Chairs report

At this year's ECMLPKDD conference, I served as one of the Proceedings Chairs. We wrote a report on some of your findings. An alternate version also exists.

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You can find my full publication list here.
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