TU/e logo 2ID56: Adaptive Web-Based Systems

Lecturers: Prof. dr. Paul De Bra, dr. ir. Natalia Stash

This course has moved from Quartile 1 to Quartile 4. Second-year master students who were planning to take this course in Quartile 1 of 2015 should contact us and we will arrange a way to do so.

This website contains general information about the Adaptive Web-Based Systems course.

All concrete course material, such as (slide) presentations, assignments and (mandatory) tests is available through the Sakai learning management system. On the Sakai site you must log in using your regular TU/e (windows) account and then join this course. You should also edit your profile, adding information like the master program you are enrolled in. Please also upload a photo if you have one.

The schedule below is only indicative. Check the Sakai site for up to date information. Note that "Lecture" does not mean just a 2 hour session. Some "lectures" may span a few 2-hour sessions. Also, because of scheduling issues lectures may be given in a different order.

Note: This course requires active participation starting from the very first lecture. There is an exam during one of the lecture periods. There is technology to be used for which we give an installation tutorial during the first week of the course.

Lecture 1 Introduction (what are adaptive systems, why are they used and how do they work in general)
Also: introduction on the technology to be used for the assignment.
Lecture 2 Adaptive Educational Hypermedia, and workshop on creating "prerequisites"
Lecture 3 User Modeling
Lecture 4 Adaptation Methods and Techniques
Lecture 5 Reference Models for Adaptive Systems
Lecture 6 Examples of adaptive web-based systems (inspiration for the assignment).
Lecture 7 The GRAPPLE project and authoring environment
Lecture 8 The Generic Adaptation Language and Environment (GALE)
Lecture 9 Other adaptation environments (including WIBAF)