Wouter Duivesteijn

Hi, I'm Wouter, and I'm incurably curious. I am an Assistant Professor in Data Mining at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. My research revolves around Exceptional Model Mining (EMM): a local pattern mining method where we seek subsets of the dataset that are interesting, which they are if they satisfy two conditions. On the one hand, they must be interpretable: we must be able to succinctly describe the definition of a subgroup, so that the knowledge that they represent becomes actionable. On the other hand, they must be exceptional: they must display some kind of behavior that sets them apart from the overall population. The scientific challenges revolve around how to efficiently search for subgroups, and how to express exceptional behavior such that the subgroups we find are meaningful.

CV (last updated: September 08, 2023)

Now hiring! Fully funded 5-year PhD-TA position

I am looking for a motivated candidate to fill a fully funded 5-year PhD-TA position. The successful candidate will divide their time between 75% research and 25% teaching duties. See here for an outline of the intended research agenda. Your research ought to culminate in a successfully defended PhD dissertation; your teaching duties ought to enable you to satisfy the demands of the Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (Certificate University Teaching Qualification in Higher Education). Hence, success in this position sets you up with a CV tailored to advance your academic career.

I posted this position before; the sudden arrival of more funding enables me to hire another person.

Apply here!

How to Cheat the Page Limit

I am one of the Proceedings Chairs of ECMLPKDD 2024. I am reprising this role from previous editions: for the 2022 edition, we wrote a report on our findings, updating our 2020 paper on How to Cheat the Page Limit.

Sound of Science #16

Flemish comedian and science fanatic Lieven Scheire presents a podcast at TU/e, called Sound of Science. In this podcast, he discusses the last scientific discoveries and the role of technology in society with researchers and students. In Episode 16, he and I talked about my work (in Dutch). NLP researchers are invited to use this episode as a training set to let their algorithms distinguish a Vlaams from a Rotterdams accent in the Dutch language.

Latest publications

You can find my full publication list sorted by category here, and sorted by year here.

Gelfilter dataset

In addition to a new data mining method, our IDA 2020 paper also introduces a dataset, publicly available for research purposes free of charge. It is a run to failure time series library, where the primary task is to predict the Remaining Useful Life of a gel filter in a chemical plant. You can find more details and the dataset itself here.
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