[HT'01 logo] Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia


Århus, Denmark, August 14-18, 2001

Eight International Conference on User Modeling


Sonthofen, Germany, July 13-17, 2001

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Third Workshop on Adaptive Hypertext and Hypermedia

Hypertext'01 Session: Program

Note: exact times may differ depending on global timing constraints imposed by the HT'01 organisation.

9:00 Welcome (Paul De Bra)
9:05 Presentation of workshop participants
9:20 Christopher Bailey, Samhaa R. El-Beltagy and Wendy Hall
Link Augmentation: A Context-Based Approach to Support Adaptive Hypermedia
9:55 Mario Cannataro and Andrea Pugliese
XAHM: an XML-based Adaptive Hypermedia Model and its Implementation
10:30 Coffee break (and setting up posters)
11:20 Sebastien Iksal and Serge Garlatti
Revisiting and versioning in virtual special reports
11:55 Liliana Ardissono, A. Goy, G. Petrone, M. Segnan and P. Torasso
Tailoring the recommendation of touristic information to heterogeneous user groups
12:30 lunch break until 14:00
14:00 Poster Session
Toni Alatalo and Janne Peräaho
Designing mobile-aware adaptive hypermedia
Muan Hong Ng, Wendy Hall, Patricia J. Maier and Ray Armstrong
History-based Link Annotation for Self-Exploratory Learning in Web-based Hypermedia
Rosa M. Carro, Estrella Pulido and Pilar Rodríguez
A co-operative distributed environment for adaptive Web-based education
Mettina Veenstra and Martin Alberink
Adaptation as summarization: the role of rhetorical and narrative structures
14:45 Guntram Graef and Christian Schaefer
Application of ART2 Networks and Self-Organizing Maps to Collaborative Filtering
15:25 Coffee break
15:50 Yoshinori Hijikata, Tetsuya Yoshida and Shogo Nishida
Adaptive Hypermedia System for Supporting Information Providers in Directing Users through Hyperspace
16:10 W.W. Wadge and M.C. Schraefel
A Complementary Approach for Adaptive and Adaptable Hypermedia: Intensional Hypertext
16:30 Closing remarks (until 17:00)
19:00 Dinner (at your own expense), possibly with partner, location to be determined at the workshop

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