Songtexts are in Dutch only.


A song by J.P. Sweelinck about an unfaithful shepherd girl (from French).
I tried to match the lyrics to the tune, so the translation can actually be sung.

Quand'io pens'al martire (music J. Arcadelt, lyrics P. Bembo)
A song about death; including the ''small death'' interpretation.

Des pas dans l'allée (music Saint-Saens, lyrics Maurice Boukay)


I did a few more, but I shied away from texts that are too personal.

Va pensiero (Verdi), commemorating a colleague's doctorate.

Kiele Kiele Koeweit (K. Speenhoff), for a strategy meeting of our department. (orig.: Kiele Kiele Rembrandt, 1906).

Sweet and low (J. Barnby), on scientifc work.