[WWW8 logo] Second Workshop on Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web
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8th International Word Wide Web Conference
Toronto, Canada, May 11-14, 1999

7-th International Conference on User Modeling
Banff, Canada, June 20-24, 1999


TUE Computing Science Report 99-07

Edited by Peter Brusilovsky and Paul De Bra


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Web Assistants: Towards an Intelligent and Personal Web Shop (5-12)
Johan Åberg and Nahid Shahmehri
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linköping University, Sweden
Keywords: Adaptivity, electronic commerce, usability, www, data collection.
[UM'99 logo] Exploiting user models for personalizing news presentations (13-20)
Liliana Ardissono, Luca Console, Ilaria Torre
Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Torino, Italy
[WWW8 logo] When the Teacher learns: a Model for Symmetric Adaptivity (21-28)
Maria Barra, Alberto Negro, Vittorio Scarano
Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni "R.M. Capocelli"
Università di Salerno, Italy
Keywords: user model, authoring system.
[WWW8 logo] Design Issues in Adaptive Hypermedia Application Development (29-39)
Paul De Bra
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Keywords: adaptive hypermedia, architecture, content-adaptation, link-adaptation
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ADAPTS: Adaptive hypermedia for a Web-based performance support system (41-47)
Peter Brusilovsky
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
David W. Cooper
Antech Systems, Inc., USA
Keywords: adaptive performance support system, adaptive hypermedia, user model, adaptive presentation
[WWW8 logo] TANGOW: Task-based Adaptive learNer Guidance On the WWW (49-57)
R.M. Carro, E. Pulido, P. Rodríguez
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática,
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Keywords: Adaptive systems, Web-based training, Intelligent tutoring systems, Dynamic course generation, Educational multimedia
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Adaptive On-Line Information System by means of a Task Model and Spatial Views (59-66)
S. Garlatti (1), S. Iksal (1), P. Kervella (2)
(1) Laboratoire IASC, ENST Bretagne, France
(2) Atlantide, Technopôle Brest Iroise, France
Keywords: on-line information system, adaptive web server, user modeling, task model, domain model.
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Adaptivity in the KBS Hyperbook System (67-74)
Nicola Henze, Wolfgang Nejdl
University of Hannover, Germany
Keywords: educational hypermedia, adaptive hypermedia on the WWW
[UM'99 logo] A temporary user modeling approach for adaptive shopping on the Web (75-79)
Tanja Joerding
Dresden University of Techology, Germany
[UM'99 logo] A Case-Based Approach to Adaptive Information Filtering for the WWW (81-87)
Mauro Marinilli, Alessandro Micarelli and Filippo Sciarrone
Dipartimento di Informatica e Automazione, Università di Roma, Italy
Keywords: Information Filtering, User Modeling, CBR, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation
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Interaction of domain expertise and interface design in adaptive educational hypermedia (89-93)
Marcus Specht, Alfred Kobsa
Institute for Applied Information Technology (FIT-MMK)
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
Keywords: Adaptive educational hypermedia, navigation recommendations, student modeling, previous student knowledge, interface design
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Exploiting NLP techniques to build user model for Web sites: the use of WordNet in SiteIF Project (95-100)
Anna Stefani and Carlo Strapparava
Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, Trento, Italy
Keywords: Internet, Adaptive System, User Modeling, Information Filtering, WordNet

Position papers

[UM'99 logo] Improving User Model Acquisition from Labeled Text Documents (101-103)
Daniel Billsus
Department of Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine, USA
[WWW8 logo] Adaptive Web Prefetching (105-106)
Brian D. Davison
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University, USA
Keywords: prefetching, prediction, web caching, proxy caches
[WWW8 logo] Capturing Interaction Histories on the Web (107-108)
Robert Farrell
IBM T J Watson Research Center, USA
Keywords: adaptive, graphical user interfaces, interaction history, inference, privacy
[WWW8 logo] Tracking Incremental Change of User Interests on the Web (109)
Henry Lieberman, Aileen Tang
MIT Media Lab, USA
[WWW8 logo] WBI: How to program the Web with Intermediaries (111)
Paul Maglio
IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
[WWW8 logo] Adaptive Web Sites: Conceptual Cluster Mining (113-114)
Mike Perkowitz, Oren Etzioni
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
University of Washington, Seattle, USA
[WWW8 logo] Flexible data publishing on the WWW (115)
L.Rodríguez Peralta, C. L. Roncancio
Lab. LSR - IMAG, University of Grenoble, France
[UM'99 logo] User Modeling for Information Retrieval on the Web (117-119)
Ross Wilkinson
CSIRO, Division of Mathematical and Information Science, Australia
Keywords: information retrieval; relevance feedback; user models

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